UC Glass Coat

Unicoatings™ UC GLASS COAT is our ultimate do-it-yourself protective coating. It’s a clear scratch-resistant coating that contains very high weather resistant properties, protecting treated surfaces for up to 4 years.

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UC GLASS COAT can be applied to almost all smooth surfaces, where its clear ultra thin layer forms a strong protective seal that’s highly repellant towards dirt, soiling, moisture and corrosion.

Customers appreciate that UC GLASS COAT protects their assets by delivering an easy to clean protective shield that repels unwanted contaminants from plastics, metals, stone and painted surfaces for up to 4 years.

UC GLASS COAT can be used in endless applications across many market. In the Buildings sector these include offices, commercial premises, industrial units, museums, heritage sites and monuments. In the Rail sector, the outside of locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons, undergrounds and trams. Marine applications include the outside of ships, boats and offshore assets.



UC GLASS COAT is a ceramic ‘hybrid’ clear coating that provides excellent gloss retention and weather resistance for up to 4 years.

This protective coating contains both inorganic and organic components. The organic components give the product its easy-to-clean and flexibility properties, while the inorganic components provide its rigidity and weather resistance properties. The result of this ‘hybrid’ coating is a product that forms an ultra thin layer and provides a real seal with strong barrier properties.

  •  Up to 4 years protection against scratches
  •  Treated surfaces are highly repellant against dirt, soiling, moisture and corrosion
  •  Easily cleaned
  •  Flexible; can be used on bendable surfaces
  •  Excellent anti-graffiti and colour preservation properties
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Available in 100ml or 1-litre bottles, UC GLASS COAT should be applied with the supplied application cloth and once dry polished with the same cloth. It can also be applied by HVLP spray.

An approximate coverage rate of 20m2 can be be achieved per 100ml, depending on the application.

The product will weather evenly over the ensuing years. Any damaged areas can be repaired at any time during this period.


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“To have a coating that protects surfaces on our offshore locations for up to 4 years, yet can be applied by non-technical specialists, is a major cost saver for us.”