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Unicoatings™ UC CLEANER is a general purpose cleaner that’s perfect for cleaning surfaces and removing stubborn dirt and stains. It’s also ideal for preparing surfaces to be treated with a coating system.

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UC CLEANER can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including metal, concrete, stone, brickwork and glass.

Customers like UC CLEANER as it’s easy to use – just wipe it on with a sponge, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse with water – and those stubborn dirt marks are gone.

UC CLEANER can be used in endless applications across multiple market sectors. In the Buildings sector these include offices, commercial premises, industrial units, museums, heritage sites and monuments. In the Rail sector, they include the inside and outside of locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons, undergrounds and trams. Marine applications include the inside and outside of ships, boats and other marine and offshore assets.



UC CLEANER removes stubborn dirt from a range of surfaces and then protects sensitive metals through a built-in corrosion inhibitor.

It can be used as an everyday cleaner to keep your assets looking clean. It can be used to clean and prepare surfaces that are to be treated with a coating system. It can also be used to keep coated surfaces clean.

  •  A neutral special cleaner
  •  Accelerates the drying process by virtue of its hydrophobic effect
  •  Protects sensitive metals through a built-in corrosion inhibitor
  •  Economical due to high concentration and yield levels
  •  Bio-degradable
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Available in 1kg bottles and 5kg and 10kg canisters, UC CLEANER is easily applied via a sponge or brush.

The product can be stored in its original packaging, away from direct sunlight or frost, for up to 24 months.

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“I would recommend UC CLEANER as it’s quick and easy to use and gives good results across a range of different surfaces.”