In line with our customers’ needs, Unicoatings is always moving forward with new solutions, innovations, expansions and distributor partnerships. Here you will find details of our latest news, developments and events where you can meet the Unicoatings team.

News & Events

News : Anti Graffiti Protection for Graffiti!

20 Mar 2020

All the painted surfaces in this skate park in Amsterdam have been treated with Unicoatings UC2K Protective Coating. This invisible coating will protect the surfaces from graffiti, maintain the original colours and reduce ongoing maintenance and cleaning costs for up to 10 years.


News : Protecting a Concrete Car Park

13 Mar 2020

Unprotected concrete surfaces are often damaged by water ingress and also attract dirt and algae which can make them slippy. Here we have cleaned this car park’s surface and treated a small test section with UC STONE COAT HYDRO which, once dry, will form an invisible coating that will protect the surface for up to 5 years from damage by water. It also makes it harder for dirt and algae to adhere to the concrete, thereby reducing ongoing cleaning costs.


News : Restoring Faded Window Frames

25 Feb 2020

Brightly coloured window frames look great on buildings and help to make properties stand out. However, if left unprotected, they can fade and discolour over time due to exposure to UV sunlight, bird droppings and the elements in general.
Unicoatings has the solution. Our UC2K Protective Coating not only restores a faded window frame to its original colour, but protects it from discolouration for up to 10 years, by applying an invisible protective layer that acts as a barrier.


News : Seaworthy

12 Feb 2020

Boats have to operate in the harshest of environments, with their surfaces facing potential damage daily from salt corrosion, exposure to UV sunlight etc. Having been treated with UC2K MARINE COAT, this boat’s original aluminium surface is now protected against damage from the elements for up to 10 years.


News : New Coatings Selector Tool

2 Dec 2019

To help our customers select the correct protective coating for their application, we have introduced a simple online Coatings Selector tool. Just select your industry sector, the material type you wish to protect and the protective coating properties you require and we’ll show you which of our products is ideal for the task. It’s that easy!


News : Bee Gees Still Shining

11 Jul 2018

Unicoatings Australia coated the entire Bee Gees Way in Redcliffe, Queensland in 2013. After 5 years of exposure to harsh seaside elements and UV sunlight, the display looks as brilliant today as it did in 2013.


News : Cleaning Up At The Bank

30 June 2018

A before and after picture. This bank sign is now protected with UC2K so will enjoy a long lasting shine, with high protection against salt spray, corrosion, solvents, chemicals, tar, acids, alkaline and UV sunlight. It will also be much easier to keep clean.

News : Preserving Copper

06 June 2018

Unicoatings UC2k protective coating protects the exterior of the Toowoomba Library in Australia. The building is nearly completely enclosed with copper panels. UC2K prevents the green leaching that affects copper when exposed to rain and bird droppings. It also allows the copper to be easily cleaned.


News : Protecting Aluminium

24 May 2018

A new customer will appreciate the protection that UC2K protective coating will give to his commercial assets by delivering an easy to clean protective shield that will repel unwanted contaminants and prevent damage to the protected surface for many years.

News : Long Term Gloss Preservation

08 April 2018

The attributes of Unicoatings UC2K really come into play here. Long term preservation of the gloss finish, plus anti-fingerprint protection and making the display easy to clean were all key benefits that our customer recognised.

“We are very happy with the finish on our life boats. It appears that even after 18 months of continuous exposure to salt water and UV sunlight there has been no visual degradation of the lifeboats’ surface which was treated in Unicoatings UC2K MARINE COAT.”