Everyday around the world, customers trust Unicoatings unique market  industrial coatings, cleaners, polishes and solutions to protect their assets and commercial interests. They are ideal for use in endless applications across multiple market sectors, such as rail infrastructure, buildings, marine and special projects.


Property landlords, facilities managers, owners associations and architects rely on our cleaner, polishes and coatings to protect buildings and commercial assets from the elements and malicious damage; and keep them clean. Typical applications include offices, commercial premises, industrial sites, museums and heritage sites.

Customers select our coatings for their anti-graffiti; colour protection; preservation of original materials (eg copper and other bare metals); durability; and protection from corrosion, chalking and bird droppings properties. Plus, the fact they make buildings easier to clean and keep clean.


Railway owners and maintenance professionals specify our products to protect their assets by repelling unwanted contaminants and preventing damage to the protected surface. This extends the life of the assets and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs. Typical applications include the outside and inside of locomotives, trams, passenger carriages, freight wagons and undergrounds.

Anti-graffiti protection is a major reason our products are widely used in this sector. Durability, protection from corrosion and UV sunlight, plus making treated surfaces easier to clean, are also important factors.


Boat, yacht and marine customers use our coatings to protect the exterior and interior of their assets, particularly below but also above the water line.

Once treated, products are protected against fouling, corrosion and dirt. This helps to extend their life and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.


We have worked with many curators, architects, engineers, foundations and preservation officers to protect and extend the life of special projects, including monuments, parking meters, sites of historical significance and beachside barbecues.

UC2K is the perfect coating to protect special projects as it performs well over a long period in many areas, including: anti-graffiti; durability; colour protection; protection from corrosion and UV sunlight; preservation of original base metal materials; plus making treated surfaces easier to clean and reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

“Customers rely on Unicoatings products to protect their assets. These can maintain their treated product’s integrity, extend its life and reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.”