Unicoatings™ UC2K is a unique coating that protects customers’ assets to unprecedented levels from the elements and malicious damage, thereby extending their life and reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

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UC2K can be applied to almost all surfaces, including concrete, stone, brickwork, glass, steel, aluminium, stainless steel and copper, as well as to many lacquer systems.

All of our customers appreciate that UC2K protects their assets by delivering an easy to clean protective shield that repels unwanted contaminants and prevents damage to the protected surface for many years.

UC2K is used in endless applications across multiple market sectors. In the Buildings sector these include offices, commercial premises, industrial units, museums, heritage sites and monuments. In the Rail sector, they include the inside and outside of locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons, undergrounds and trams. Marine applications include the inside and outside of ships, boats and other marine assets.


UC2K is a two-component advanced technology clear coating that provides exceptional gloss retention and weather resistance for many years.

The sealed surface is easily cleaned, without requiring special cleaners, and is more resistant to new soiling. After treatment, dull and tired paintwork, chalky glass-fibre (GGFK) surfaces and cloudy anodised aluminium, gleam like new. Galvanised surfaces, such as aluminium, brass, copper and chrome, are protected long-term against corrosion. In addition, surfaces already coated with other products can be refreshed, sealed and protected on a long-term basis.

  •  Excellent gloss and long-life properties
  •  Easily applied to all surfaces by normal painting processes
  •  No special preparation of the base material is required
  •  Economical due to high coverage rates
  •  High productivity due to extremely thin coating layer


The following tests and certifications are available for the UC2K protective coating.
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Available in 1-, 5- and 25- litre containers, UC2K is easily applied via rolling, brush painting, spraying or immersion. To achieve the best results, we recommend application by HVLP spray.

Due to UC2K’s extremely thin minimum coating thickness (5-20μm), a coating capacity of approximately 30-40m2 can be achieved per 1Kg when applied to non-absorbent surfaces.

For application on concrete or plastered surfaces, a lower gloss version will cover approximately 20-30m2 per 1Kg.

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“I would proudly state that the first two electric locomotives in the Netherlands are coated with UC2K… We are planning to treat all of our assets with UC2K as it is complementary to our operational needs.”